Methods of Personalized Learning

The most difficult aspect to teaching upwards of 25 students per class is to remember that all students learn differently. It is easy to gear all lessons, curriculum and projects towards verbal learners, requiring students to read and write to process most information, however this leaves out a huge chunk of students who learn better by being active, drawing or visualizing the information, presenting information to other students, or who learn best by talking and discussing. While creating classroom environments and lessons towards multiple student learning styles and methods is a lot more work than simply creating one system of doing things in the classroom, this is highly beneficial for a diverse classroom of learners.

One way to make this process easier for yourself is to get students thinking about how they learn best, that way they can choose methods of learning that work well for them, and as a teacher you can simply provide different choices for learning and give students both a personal stake in their education and in the tools to make positive choices for themselves in the classroom environment. There are different ways to get students started on the path of thinking about their learning and making the best decisions in the classroom.

There are a variety of online tools that can help students think more about how they learn. The following links will lead students to online tests and questionnaires that will give them some insight into their best learning styles and some descriptions of the different styles and how they can be used in the classroom:


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